Now that everything's in place...


Well, now that everything is in place we are ready for 2013 to be one of the biggest years for our work but MOST of all for the churches we will help in their fundraising adventures and for the new artists we will introduce to the gospel music community! When we help each other we help ourselves and we are committed to making sure first, that we are the conduit between you and your goals, being confident that we have the tools to help you achieve EVERY GOAL YOU HAVE.

First our fundraising programs are designed with one thing in mind; SIMPLICITY. That is what we really want, right? We don't need things to be complicated. Just like the Gospel's ability to change and affect lives through the simplicity of its truth, we here at NGMG believe that our simple approach to fundraising has the ability to help you meet any goal in record time! Let us share with you, the church, a simple plan where any project you have could possibly see anywhere from $2000-$5000 in the next two weeks; it wont hurt for you to call us and let us share with you how.

So if you have church program to fund; a Pastors anniversary, a deacon board that needs new uniforms, choirs in need of new robes, and educational project, a nursery to fund, new sound equipment, a sunday school field trip, scholarships you would like to create or even a NEW CHURCH TO BUILD, let us show you how our products can be the key in helping you do it!

There's a new world emerging and new ways of being effective and you must at least take a peak at what's going on out there. Yes back in the day you sold cookies, and candy, you did chicken dinners and special programs, but none of those REALLY brought in the finances needed to accomplish what you really needed done. In this time we live where so many are so health conscious, cookies and candy, bbq just doesn't do it anymore, plus they don't edify the church at all. But when you look at what we offer and how it also empowers and edifies the church, I am sure you will see not only how what we do benefits you, but also how it brings value to those you engage, in your fundraising projects. So call us now or send an email and one of our project planner specialist will contact you and share with you a simple, simple way to make things happen for your project financially NOW!

Therefore if YOU LOVE REAL GOSPEL MUSIC and you have at least 15 people in your church, in your choir, just 15 people ANYWHERE IN YOUR CHURCH, we can show you how to raise TWO THOUSAND TWO WEEKS. It just takes a phone call!

The commitment of our staff...

"Well this year I am personally committed to making sure that each and every church or non-profit program that I am assigned to understands clearly what we can do for them. I really want to open the door of possibility to each one and then work like a sleigh dog (lol) in making them successful. My motto for each group I' m working with is this; "we gon' raise this money!" (lol) I have a goal this year of helping 150 churches this year. So my department is ready if they are."

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Sales & Church

Fundraising Planning

"Although new here, my commitment is no less passionate than others here. My job is of course the books and accounting and making sure each church, Artist, Label or Program receive their fundraising compensation in a timely manner. So, I am confident that this department will do that and more. I look forward to posting all of the success of the churches as well as the Artists and independent labels we will work with. This will be the first time for some, they will experience what it is like to WORK TOGETHER WITH a company of integrity and not have to fight for what is theirs already. So my commitment is that they have the best experience with New Gospel Music Marketing."

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Accounting & Pay-Outs

Well, because we work to acquire the right Artist projects that will be a reflection of Christ, Holiness and a true representation of the church, my job and commitment is to be led to THAT kind of New Artist and product. So everyone knows how serious I am about this department and making sure that the New Artist we connect with the churches are reflective of Jesus Christ; Not only in their music or films but in their life. Many of these New Artists will actually go and minister to many of our churches and we want them to be anointed to share the true message so that the blessings will be upon them both and they both benefit from their divine connection.

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New Artist Fundraising Product Development



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